Home Owners Association

HOA Landscaping & Maintenance

Homeowners’ associations provide the assurance of an attractive and well-kept standard throughout their neighborhood. To help maintain and increase property values, as well as provide a gorgeous setting for all residents, HOAs turn to us for a broad range of landscape services. We put our attentive touch on mowing, edging, trimming around trees and flowerbeds, advising on overall plant and lawn health, and improvements to existing landscaping. We’ll be there reliably, all four seasons, to provide our customized approach to each distinctive area.


Mowing: This is were it all starts. Regular maintenance includes mowing of all turf areas with a recycling mower, edging along streets and sidewalks, trimming the grass around trees and bed areas, and blowing clean all of the paved services. Basic maintenance for your lawn will be provided on a weekly schedule during the growing season.

Garbage Clean-up: Our crews will make sure to remove all garbage and debris from all areas of your landscape every visit.


We offer fertilization packages that includes pre-emergent herbicides, weed-and-feed fertilizers as well as turf, shrub and tree fertilization throughout the year. We schedule the applications depending on the time of the year and condition of your lawn.

Remember, fertilizer is food for plants, not medicine. Don’t wait until things look bad to feed your plants. Our program will help prevent and eliminate weeds. But its main benefit it to strengthen the lawn which is the first defense against weeds.


Dr. Lawn can provide regular service to your sprinkler system. This service includes spring start-up and check, monthly check and adjust, fall winterization, and basic repairs.


In the Central Montana area, snow and ice can be an incredible nuisance. Let Dr. Lawn take care if for you! Our snow plows and De-Ice trucks are always ready to tackle the tough Montana Winters. We’re on call 24 hours a day, every day. No commercial job is too big or too small. We always have up to the minute information on local weather conditions. Our network dispatcher can effectively place the required equipment depending on any weather condition by state of the art communications. Our detail orientated and reliable drivers can maneuver around any commercial lot. We will never leave you out in the cold when it comes to snow removal.


This popular service is performed in the months of March and April. We will clean out all beds, corners, window wells, etc, of leaves and winter debris. The first mowing and edging also takes place during a spring clean-up. All debris is collected and hauled off-site. Other services to add at this time are dethatching and core aeration.


We will collect all leaves from beds, window wells and lawn areas and haul off-site. The grass is mowed for the final time. Removing leaves will ensure the lawn receives proper air, nutrients, and water over the winter season.


Thatch is a dense layer of organic matter that forms between the leaves and roots of your lawn. If it gets over 1/2-inch thick, it prevents air, water and nutrients from reaching the roots, and the lawn begins to suffer. You know you have thatch when your lawn has a spongy feel when you walk on it; or when you turn on the sprinklers, the water is slow to be absorbed and runs into the gutter. Our mechanical dethatchers (power rakes) will reduce the thatch layer in your lawn allowing the air and nutrients back to the roots.


Aerating is the process of removing small cores of soil from your lawn. It is one of the very best things you can do to give your cool-season lawn a boost and get it off to a healthy start. If you didn’t aerate your lawn last fall, spring is also a good time. Aerating increases water, air and nutrient penetration to grass roots, reducing thatch and promoting vigorous growth.